Resource #1 – The Essential Guide to Hysterectomy

Image  As I have mentioned in previous posts, the main reason I have started this blog is due to a lack of good quality information on hysterectomies and their alternatives online.  I hope to provide readers of this blog with some resources on this topic.  The first recommendation I have is Lauren F. Streicher’s The Essential Guide to Hysterectomy: Advice From a Gynecologist on your Choices Before, During, and After Surgery.

  Since my online searches on hysterectomy were not providing me with the information I wanted, I headed off to my local bookstore.  I soon came across The Essential Guide to Hysterectomy and was immediately interested.  The book is written by an American Gynecologist and she has just released a newer edition (2013) of her original book (2004).  As the subtitle suggests, this book deals with hysterectomy and alternatives from the perspectives of before, during, and after surgery.  Streicher has detailed chapters on fibroids, types of surgery, and life after hysterectomy.  She even includes a history of how hysterectomy has developed and changed over the years which is not recommended reading for the faint of heart!

  Lauren Stiecher’s writing style really appeals to me as well.  Although she is a gynecologist, she presents her information in very plain and readable language.  She also injects a sense of humour in some parts of the book, which I appreciated.  Her humour though is subtle and does not make light of some of the serious decisions and implications involved with this topic.  You can judge for yourself, if you follow this link it will lead you to a page that has some small excerpts from her most recent edition of the book.

  I had looked to see if my library had a copy of this book and they did not.  However, upon purchasing it and reading it, I’m happy about that.  This is a book I can see myself referring to at different points, especially the section on Life After Hysterectomy.  I also see this as a great resource that I will definitely lend out to all of my friends who may be faced with such a decision.


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