Hysterical Bits #1

  There are a lot of difficult and possibly life-changing decisions that need to be made when deciding whether to have a hysterectomy or not.  I do not want to make light of such decisions.  However, I hope to include the occasional light story about hysterectomies as I think humour is a healthy and needed aspect of our lives. 

  I recommended a great book in my previous post but I was not able to read this book prior to my hysterectomy as it was an emergency surgery.  Had I read the author’s section on “Things You Should Not Do When You Get Home”, I could have avoided this whole incident.  Streicher tells her readers “Do not weigh yourself”, but, having not read the book yet, I did exactly that.

  I was in the hospital for 4 days prior to surgery and given the uncertainty of my situation, I was often told that I couldn’t eat “in case you’re called down to surgery”.  But I love to eat!  And I don’t just mean that eating is an important part of every day.  I mean that every meal I indulge in is a highlight of my day.  Having limited meals in the hospital apparently made me delirious because I was even craving hospital food.  Craving…hospital…food!

  I needed to come up with a positive thought in this situation.  The best I could do was, “Well, at least I’ll lose a couple of pounds while I’m in here”.  So, you can imagine my shock when, upon weighing myself at home, my weight had changed by about 9 pounds…that I gained!  I couldn’t believe it!  Within a few days, I was back to my normal weight, which is what happens in most cases.  Apparently, all that weight gain was just from the intravenous fluid I had been receiving for 5 days in the hospital and as Dr. Streicher says, you will soon, “sweat it off and pee it away”.  Yes, indeed!


2 thoughts on “Hysterical Bits #1

  1. joolzac says:

    Indeed!!! I thought I had hit the one positive thing about my op.. losing 4kg (approx 8-9 lb) but unfortunately my love of food in all shapes, forms and flavours pretty much made that a distant memory within two weeks of getting home… oh and I too quite enjoyed hospital food. Not sure if it was the actual food, or the fact that I didn’t have to cook it… probably a combo of both.. oh the joys!!

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