Oh Canada!

Image  Happy Canada Day everyone!  As many people do on Canada Day, I have been reflecting on some of the great things about living in this country: great parks, diversity of cultures, poutine … ah, poutine!  Of course the one that stands out most to me lately is our health care system.

  I recently spent 5 days in the hospital and ended up with a hysterectomy while there.  I was monitored by nurses and doctors, I was fed, given medication, and of course, underwent surgery.  And my total bill after all of this?  A whopping $0.

  I am fully aware that we have higer taxes in this country compared to our neighbours to the South.  I also understand that our health care system costs our governments a lot to implement and maintain.  However, during my hospital stay, the last thing I or my family needed to worry about was how much all of this would cost or whether insurance would cover it.  I could have conversations with my doctor about the best treatment options for me and not consider the financial burden of such a decision.  During my hospital stay, it also became very obvious why our health care system is so expensive.  Between around-the-clock staffing requirements, medications, medical equipment, and accommodations for patients, it was easy to see how expensive this whole system could be.

  No doubt that there are cracks in the system and inefficiencies to be found.  However, I have always believed that our health care system was one to be proud of.  Almost a week’s stay in the hospital has assured me of it!


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