What to Ask… Lady Parts

I was going to write up a post similar to this one but since this blogger has already done it, I just thought I’d repost it here. You may want to check out her blog as well as she has an interesting story too!

BRCA2: In This Together

This is a compilation of what we’re learning to ask using resources from the book Positive Results, speaking to other women who have gone through prophylactic surgeries due to a BRCA mutation, speaking with doctors, and from reading blogs, articles, and websites. This is not a comprehensive list and we are not medical professionals. Please add additional questions in the comments so we can further build this list! If you are interested, we also started a What to Ask… Breast post.

Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy (BSO) with or without Total Hysterectomy 

This laparoscopic (or abdominal) procedure removes ovaries and fallopian tubes and can also remove uterus and cervix. Decisions to do either to reduce the risk for ovarian cancer are very personal. My gynecologist and oncologist both said that because I had no other complications–no cycts, fibroids, diabetes, non smoker–and because there is such a very small risk of cancer due to cells left…

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