Hystories #2 – Danien’s story

Trigger warning – this story discusses both succesful and unsuccessful pregnancies while considering a hysterectomy.  I’m aware that for some readers, this is a difficult subject.

Here is a story from one of the readers of this blog.

My hysterectomy story started quite awhile ago.  I was dealing with the symptoms of endometriosis for approximately 9 years.  In my early 20s I had two grapefruit-sized cysts removed from my fallopian tubes.  I received a diagnosis of endometriosis when I was 28.  At that point I underwent laproscopic surgery to deal with the endometriosis and also began low dose fertility medications. 

  Our first daughter was born in 2006.  However, after this pregnancy, the endometriosis came back in full force.  In 2009, I underwent surgery again to deal with it.  In 2010 I had to deal with a tubal pregnancy which was awful.  Fortunately, I became pregnant again and had our second daughter in 2011. 

  By January 2012 I sensed that things were not right once again.  Sure enough, the endometriosis had returned.  After an ultrasound, a cyst was discovered on my right ovary.  After discussions with my doctor, who was amazing, we determined that hysterectomy surgery was the best option in going forward.  Since I had been dealing with horrible, painful periods, and the endometriosis, I was happy to move forward with a hysterectomy.  I was told that my right ovary definitely needed to be removed but that he would try to save the left one.  The fallopian tubes needed to be removed as well. 

  I had my hysterectomy in March of this year.  Although I was scared going into it, I was just so tired of dealing with the symptoms I had.  After surgery I was surprised by what the doctor had discovered.  The cyst on my right ovary was the size of a grapefruit.  There was also an orange-sized cyst on my left ovary.  There were many small fibroids on my uterus as well.  Now that the surgery is complete, I feel so much better!  I feel lighter and have way more energy than before.  I take estorgen daily but so far I feel good and well-balanced.


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