Is This Normal?


That is the question I have been asking myself for the last two years.

Hmmm, this whole period thing has changed for me lately.  Is this normal?

It seems like my period is way heavier than it should be.  Is this normal?

I’m hesitant to commit to any social events now for fear of ‘period-related incidents’.  Is this normal?

  Recently, a reader of this blog thanked me for sharing my story and wondered why we don’t talk about this stuff more often.  I couldn’t agree more.  A lot of my anxiety over the last couple of years was my fear of ‘jumping the gun’.  Even though I had a sense that things seemed ‘wrong’, I thought that maybe I was just a wimp.  I mean millions of women around the world deal with periods every month…who am I to complain about mine?  Of course, once I finally went to my doctor, he did some preliminary testing, and nothing was found.  This confirmed my fears that I was really just a big ol’ wimp.  So, even though things continued to worsen after the initial testing, I refused to return to my doctor for fear of not finding anything again. 

  After a horrible month in May, I woke up in tears, and said to my hubby “I can’t do this anymore…something is not right”.  I ended up at the doctor’s that day and was promptly sent to the emergency room where the nursing staff worked for the next 24 hours to finally stop the bleeding.  It seems kind of crazy, but I was almost relieved that things ended up that way.  It seemed to validate my sense that something had not been right all this time.  I was also so thrilled to be at a place where something was going to be done to ‘fix things’.     

  However, I wonder if all of this could have been avoided had I had more access to information during this whole experience.  I felt that this generally was not an appropriate topic for ‘dinnertime discussion’ nor something you just bring up in response to “so, how are you today” (“bleeding uncontrollably, thanks for asking”).  Women’s health, and specifically reproductive health, has a stigma around it that is truly unfortunate.  And here I am now, three weeks after surgery and I am still seeking out information, wondering if I am truly recovering well.  At this point, I believe I am.  Though I wish it was easier to find information and have discussions about these topics.  I hope this blog contributes to that in some small way.


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