On Gratitude

blog pic 1I always do this and every time I do, I say it will be different next time…but it never is.  So, right now I am going to simply try to appreciate it while I’m in it.  I’m speaking of gratitude.  Whenever I ‘recover’ from something, whether it’s a cold, the flu, or even a good run, I have a period of time where I am very thankful for my health and ability to do certain things (such as go for a good run).  Inevitably, that feeling of gratitude dissipates and I continue on with life as normal, forgetting how truly lucky I am to have my health, family, community, etc.  I begin to accept all of these wonderful things as just a part of my reality.  However, the reality is that none of these things are guaranteed to me so I want to be thankful for them while I do have them.  It’s definitely something I want to keep working on.

Of course, life has a way of reminding me of these things simply by changing things from the expected.  I had such an experience recently with my emergency visit to the hospital and subsequent surgery.  Since that day, I have had constant reminders of things I am grateful for.  Of course, the big one is family and friends.  As soon as my hubby shared the information with others about my hospitalization, my family dropped everything and were up at the hospital that day…from out of town no less!  Of course, I knew they would be there for me…but sometimes I forget how awesome family is and this was a great reminder.  And of course my hubby was amazing through out all of this, taking time off work, ‘sleeping’ on the hospital floor, feeding me, and basically just being at my beck and call.  Again, I wouldn’t have expected anything less, but sometimes life’s busy-ness makes it easy to forget. 

Then there are just the practical things for which I am thankful.  For instance, upon returning home from the hospital, everything took a lot of effort on my part.  Even heading off to the washroom was challenging for the first couple of days.  I can’t say I have ever thought of being thankful for ability to use the washroom effortlessly before, but I do now!  The thing I most enjoy being grateful for these days though is not having to face the monthly ordeal that was my period.  I am positively gleeful that I was able to have surgery and come out the other side of it much better off.  I don’t doubt that all of this will soon become my new ‘normal’ and I’ll forget how grateful I feel right now, but I hope this post will continue to remind me of all the things for which I am grateful!

What are you grateful for right now?


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