The Exquisite Uterus

ImageUntil approximately two years ago, the word uterus rarely, if ever, made it into my vocabulary.  Starting about two years ago though, with the onset of some  crazy menstrual changes, ‘uterus’ crept into my vocabulary a little more often.  However, since my hysterectomy surgery, I have never uttered that word so often.  Seriously, a conversation now doesn’t seem complete without some discussion of it!  I don’t doubt that as memories of my surgery fade, that this word will once again recede in its useage.  Until then however, I will continue blogging about such topics.

Here is an interesting ‘call for proposals’ on that particular subject, called “The Exquisite Uterus”.  Now, I definitely wasn’t feeling that my uterus deserved such a title prior to it’s recent removal, however, the project wants you to reflect on such a topic and the current state of women’s reproductive health issues, especially in the USA.  I don’t want to get too political on this blog, but as a Canadian I have watched in amazement as women’s rights to make decisions about her reproductive system has deterioted greatly in the last several years, south of the border.  If you haven’t thought about these issues lately, perhaps this project just may urge you to do so!


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