Test Results and Fibroids

I finally got my hands on the surgeon’s report from my hysterectomy surgery.  I love reading this kind of thing and since I didn’t get a chance to ask all of the questions I wanted at my post-op, I was looking forward to seeing this report.  The most interesting part to me was the discovery of what kind of fibroid I had – submucosal. 

Fibroids are described by the location in which they are found.  There are several types including: subserosal, intramural, and of course, submucosal.  So, what exactly does submucosal mean?  I look to my favourite hysterectomy resource, “The Essential Guide to Hysterectomy”, for an answer.

You will find these fibroids like to hang out in the layer closest to the uterine wall cavity.  They can stay small or fill the entire uterine cavity.  Apparently, given where mine was, it took up a large portion of my uterus – fun.  According to the book, “submucosal fibroids cause more trouble than any other type of fibroid (p.45)”.  Yep, you won’t hear any arguments from me on that point!  According to this website, submucosal fibroids are rare, comprising only 5% of all uterine fibroids.  Sure, when my chances are tiny of winning a lottery, I never win, but when my chances are low of getting a rare, troublesome type of fibroid, I “win” – lucky me!  Oh well, at least my surgeon showed that pesky little fibroid who’s boss!


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