6 months after my hysterectomy

I know I have reblogged from the Hysterical Runner previously but as I said, I really enjoy her posts. This is a follow up on how she is doing approximately 6 months after her hysterectomy. I think I enjoy her posts, especially this one, because her experience so closely resembles mine. You can read more of her stuff at her blog: Hysterical Runner. Enjoy!

Hysterical Runner

Now that I seem to have really done my foot some damage (as in I can barely walk on it) I will probably be light on the running related posts while I try to give it time to heal. Or until I manage to drug myself up to the point where I can shove it into my Nikes – just kidding!..

When I started this blog I was staring down the barrel at my impending hysterectomy. I meant to (b)log my experience the best I could in order to help other women in the same situation find first-hand experience, with the running being a fun thing on the side. I expected the operation to be a huge, defining moment in my life for better or for worse. As it happens, I have almost forgotten I had it.

They say hysterectomy is a major surgery. And I suppose it is, when…

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One thought on “6 months after my hysterectomy

  1. Thank you so much for reblogging this! And I am really pleased that you enjoy the posts! xx

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