Recovery Expectations – Video Link

blog pic 18  A major concern for women undergoing a hysterectomy is how long is the recovery.  Google this and you will find a multitude of responses.  Why?  Because there are so many factors that impact your recovery.  My recovery was quite quick and easy, which was not completely expected as it was an emergency surgery rather than a planned one.  However, I am on the younger side of patients having this surgery, I was healthy going in to surgery, I eat well and exercise, so I definitely had several things going in my favour.  Here is a video that discusses some of the factors that may impact your recovery time.  The video is a little goofy in my opinion, but it does have some good information to consider.  You may want to skip ahead to about the 40 second mark though.


7 thoughts on “Recovery Expectations – Video Link

  1. bernasvibe says:

    You’re absolutely correct; length of recovery was a major concern for me..It is why I chose a robotic-assisted hysterectomy instead of conventional type surgery. I didn’t want to cut at all..From all sources who know I’m recovery fabulously! Though because I’d never had surgery, ever, & was all jazzed about not being cut; I didn’t anticipate the level of pain I felt post-op. At 50 yrs of age I’m in excellent health..I do raw green veggie smoothies & work out 3-5 times per week..I head back to work this coming Tuesday, after 3 full weeks off to recover..My 3 entry points on my tummy are hardly visible anymore/stitches healing internally very well/all organs in working order..What did shock me? Was that my tummy looked pregnant after surgery! I had been warned of bloating, but OMG, I went from a flat tummy to looking 8 months pregnant..Thankfully the cause(my intestines were balled up & had to settle back into position) has finally been resolved..Sitting upright alot and walking alot(I did this indoors to avoid the heat here outside) helped to make this happen faster..My recovery time was guesstimated to be 2 to 3 weeks; and probably due to my age it took the full amount of time…I’d highly recommend this type of surgery to anyone that has to have a hysterectomy 🙂

  2. vsvevg says:

    wow! what a cake!!

  3. cainttalk says:

    I`m three and a half weeks post surgery and struggling to get back on my feet. I know this is individually based but wondering if anyone can share experiences re recovery time. I`m 47, was healthy, was due to have laproscopic surgery but after this didn`t work had the full incision – I think this may be why I`m struggling beyond expectations. I was told to take 4 weeks off work (after laproscopic procedure) but three and a half weeks in I am barely getting out of the house – walking seems to cause me difficulties afterwards with pains and aches, as does short amounts of driving. I feel I am making less progress this week than I did last week. I thought I was doing so well – off all perscription meds and standing up straighter. My gyny is now on hols and I have no-one to ask! Any feedback would be gratefully received.

    • melbowman says:

      Others may be able to shed more light on this but I think a recovery period of 6-8 weeks is more common for the abdominal surgery. I had the laproscopic and I was feeling quite well within a couple of weeks – although I was fatigued very easily for several weeks after that still…can we say naps?! However, my surgeon told me that if we needed to do the abdominal incision, that a minimum of six weeks is normal and often even eight weeks. I definitely think trying to figure out if what you’re experiencing is normal or needs medical intervention is one of the hardest things about all of this. I’m not sure where you posting from, but since our medical costs are covered here, I always side on checking in with a doctor if you’re unsure about something.

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