Hyster Sisters

Here’s a new blog that I think might be interesting.


Today, one week ago, I awoke from my surgery.   I was glad to be awake…..and back in the world again.   I had just had a hysterectomy.   I had waited a long time to be here, on the other side of all the plans, talk, disrupted life and weariness from one continuous 8 month period.   Oh the plans…..those white trousers I could now wear worry-free, the pool parties I could begin accepting invitations to once again, the weekends away with hubbie and all that goes with that…..as of today, I cannot begin to imagine what life used to be like and may be like again.  

“Welcome to the hyster-sisters”, one friend wrote. To what?   I had never heard of such a club – nor aspired to be one of it’s members (until a few months ago).   It’s a bit like the club of ‘parethood’ – you do not realise it exists until you are an…

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