Alternatives to Hysterectomy

blog pic 19Hysterectomy is only one option for a number of issues, and usually the ‘last option’ to consider.  Here is a video that discusses some of the issues where a hysterectomy may be considered but it reviews some of your other choices to consider instead of a hysterectomy.  I was considering some of these options but of course, ended up with emergency surgery, so I didn’t have a lot of options at that moment.  That being said, I’m happy that’s how things ended up for me.  When I was faced with all of the alternatives, it was a bit overwhelming.  I felt that there was a ‘best choice’ and somehow I had to figure out which option that was.  When the choice was taken away from me to some extent, it was a bit of a relief.  I was then able to just focus on the next steps in my recovery.  However, for those of you who are exploring your options, hopefully this video will provide you some good information.


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