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This is a word I was not even familiar with until about two years ago.  Menorrhagia is heavy bleeding during your period and as I found out over the last couple of years, it can be extremely bothersome!  As I have mentioned before though, I feel like women’s health issues are not discussed widely enough (for example, my spell checker doesn’t even recognize the word!) and therefore a lot of women are left wondering what exactly ‘heavy bleeding’ is.  This site from the NHS is quite helpful.  There is even a little self-assessment test that you can complete that may assist you in understanding what constitutes a ‘heavy period’.  It even creates a list of symptoms that you can take with you to your doctor!

Here’s a blurb copied from the site:  Heavy periods, also called menorrhagia, is when a woman loses an excessive amount of blood during consecutive periods.  Menorrhagia can occur by itself or in combination with other symptoms, such as menstrual pain (dysmenorrhoea).  Heavy bleeding does not necessarily mean there is anything seriously wrong, but it can affect a woman physically, emotionally and socially, and can cause disruption to everyday life.  See your GP if you are worried about heavy bleeding during or between your periods.

I recommend that you check out the site for even more great information!


4 thoughts on “Menorrhagia

  1. joolzac says:

    oh I’m extremely familiar with it.. 30 day consecutively bleeding like a stuck pig, 10 superpads + per day, two week break then whee! here we go again. Six months of it… and I was done. I am now free thanks to a complete hysterectomy and I have never felt so good! That’s a page of my life I’m happy I turned.

    • melbowman says:

      I totally agree. If I had known that I could be free of all…that, with this surgery, I think I would have jumped on board much sooner than I did, that’s for sure! I was a bit gleeful watching a tampon commercial yesterday – now there’s something I never thought I would say! But it’s just nice to know I won’t have to deal with that anymore – yay!

  2. Shuvro says:

    Hi: Is it OK to use the image for menorrhagia on your blog for a presentation and possibly webpage? Thanks Shuvro

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