getting used to all this..

Although I find lots of hysterectomy stories interesting, I am particularly intrigued by women who, like me, were on the younger side (I use that loosely!) of things when they had their surgery. Here’s a blog I look forward to hearing more from.

The Diary of a Menopausal Mama

So for my first post I thought I would give a quick rundown on why at the very young age of 38 (im pressing 40 so until then I will say young), I am in full blown miserable menopause.  After many surgeries for grapefruit size cysts, endometriosis,  adenomyosis and periods that lasted so long that I couldn’t leave my house, I finally had a hysterectomy in June of this year.   I’ve been on every birth control as well as 2 rounds of Lupron, which put me in a medically menopausal state.  This medication gave me the false illusion that menopause isn’t all that bad…boy was I wrong!  So the remainder of my female reproductive organs were removed and now i’m left with mood swings that make me want to jump off the Betsy Ross Bridge and hot flashes that make me want to shave my head.  Not to mention the…

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