Oh dear, I’m bored already!

I find it so interesting to read about other people’s recoveries. I did find it so disappointing after my surgery, how little I got accomplished. I knew that I shouldn’t plan to get ‘things’ done but I was hoping to tackle some books, etc. However, I didn’t have the focus to do so for the first while, it was really surprising to me. I mean, how much energy does reading a book actually take. I see now that a lot of people have a similar experience.

No Children, What Now?

It’s been two weeks since my ovary was removed, and although my recovery is going ok, I’m already getting fed up. It’s early days, I know! I have to take it easy, I know! In fact I can’t do anything else, but take it easy. I sat on the couch all day yesterday instead of sitting in bed, and by 9.00pm my stomach felt like had been put in a vice. I had to take a codeine.

Today, I have been in and out of bed to get drinks and food. I sat on the floor and sorted the laundry into piles of mine and Gs and tried to tidy up a bit. I have found it difficult to do the smallest of tasks and it’s depressing. G has gone back to work now, so I’m on my own all day and I can’t leave the house because I’m not…

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