My Own Process

A story about one woman’s experience with hysterectomy. She does discuss her experience of having one child and if this is something that is hard for you to read, you may want to skip it. Check in tomorrow though for a posting from a woman who was not able to have children before her hysterectomy.

Finding Hope In Change

Lately I have been reading a lot of blogs about hysterectomies because I want to know how others are recovering from the surgery and what they’ve experienced along the way. These blogs are written by women who have this surgery prophylactically (preventatively) or because of medical necessity (fibroid tumors, cancer, etc.). Some of them still have their ovaries so their recovery is different than what I’ll be experiencing because they aren’t going through menopause. It’s still helpful to read their blogs because they detail what it’s like to be limited with movement, restrictions on lifting items over a certain weight and other physical challenges.

They’re also, often times, in their 20’s and 30’s, childless, and struggling with the realization that they can never carry a pregnancy. Maybe they are newlyweds and had been waiting a few more years before starting a family. Maybe they are single, still looking for a partner, and weren’t quite ready to have a baby…

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