I’m running in what?


So, tomorrow is my first 5k since my hysterectomy this June.  I have been running for the last 6 weeks with a group of friends and that has been really motivating.  However, the other thing that has been great about it is the weather!  We have had beautiful weather on all of our run club nights, which for October in Canada is far from guaranteed.  But that is all about to change tomorrow.  It’s been rainy and cold for the last two days and there is some nasty weather moving in: wet flurries, 5mm rain, high winds and 3 Celsius!  So none of my training has prepared me for this!  Now I know there are many runners who wouldn’t blink an eye at this – but that’s not me!  I really wish I didn’t have to do this.  However, that is where having a group of fellow runners really helps.  I know they’ll be out there tomorrow too and we’ll make it through and it will be one more thing that we have shared together.  But still, if Mother Nature had a change of heart, I would fully support that too!


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