Why are we losing our lady bits??

What do you think? Are we seeing an increase in these types of surgeries? If so, why do you think that is?

For my own sanity I need to write about this. Write and write. So I need a hysterectomy. I was just typing ‘its really not a big deal’, but it is. And the number of women who have told me in the last month that they have had one is astounding. ASTOUNDING. No, I don’t have cancer, but the risk of it developing is reasonable as long as I keep my lady bits (thanks Rhea for the great moniker) so out they will go.  Not planning on having kids and no more periods so its all good from that point of view, I suppose.

I am so alarmed that so many women are having this done. That’s just not right! What is going on that our reproductive systems are overloaded, creating abnormalities, putting our lives at risk and being deemed best removed?? You would not believe the stories I’ve heard…

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