It’s More than “Just Cramps” for the Holidays

While researching hysterectomies, one topic comes up again and again, and that is endometriosis. That’s not what led me to having a hysterectomy, but it does seem to be the case for many women. Here’s one post that talks about that.


Being in physical pain sucks it.  Not getting much relief other than just barely taking off the edge sucks it.  Not knowing for sure what’s wrong or for how long the pain will last?  Yeah, that sucks it, too.  The prospect of going to the emergency room again, knowing that it’s entirely likely I’ll be treated shitty with less than professional and adequate care?  That definitely sucks it. 

But maybe the most hurtful thing of all is trying to explain the severity of this pain to doctors and people with some reactions ranging from skeptical to condescending to all-out disbelief with clear signs that they think I’m either “making this up” or “being dramatic.”  And the “joking” remarks about how I must have like NO pain tolerance or the questions that imply I should/would be doing “more” if it really is as bad as I say it is…Not funny, helpful…

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