12 Days Post Mastectomy Recovery

Although not hysterectomy related, I have noticed how many people who read this blog, are doing so because of a cancer diagnosis. This person writes really well of her experience and has a wealth of information for those who may be experiencing the same diagnosis.

BRCA2: In This Together

The truth is, this is a very invasive surgery with an intense recovery. If you are prepared, stay on a schedule, and have a supportive caretaker (or community help), it’s very manageable. I had a prophylactic bilateral (right and left) skin and nipple-sparing mastectomy with immediate reconstruction using tissue expanders (the final implant exchange will be in the spring).

Preparation: I wrote about preparing for surgery here.

2 Days In Hospital: You will likely wake in a recovery area or your hospital room. I only remember waking as I was being wheeled into my private room, seeing my husband Jeffrey exiting the elevator on his way to be with me. Much of it is a fog now.

My chest was encased in a dressing that was a bit binding and I couldn’t initially see the work that was done. It felt like a shelf.

I was weak and my…

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