Save The Bodies

11 days out from my radical hysterectomy.  The bruising from my thighs to my navel are starting to fade, and 75% of my incisions escaped infection and separation. Off pain meds, but on antibiotics. I spent more time with medical professionals than family and friends this holiday season, but I am satisfied overall.

In a five month time period, I only had two periods of the menses kind. Unfortunately one lasted 8 weeks, the other 5 weeks.  It was time to clean house.  There would be no more children for us, so why not? It turns out I had a horrible little uterine condition called adenomyosis, so the surgery was necessary.  Causes are unknown, but I have to wonder if maybe 182 cycles of chemotherapy may have contributed to the unpleasant disease.

I am now missing all my reproductive organs, but I have met my new best friend. Her name…

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