Keeping the ovaries

What do you think about robotic surgery? Does it ‘creep’ you out your provide you with comfort?

Just say NO to breast cancer

The pre-op appointment went well.  Dr. Schnider said that if the ovaries look healthy, he’s leaving them in.  He’ll just remove the fallopian tubes.  Unfortunately, the oncologist never got back to me, so couldn’t give her opinion.  I’d done some reading about menstrual migraines post-hysterectomy.  I have HORRIBLE ones, even with an IUD in place.  From what I read, removing the ovaries does NOT make the headaches better, and in fact, can make them worse because of the precipitous drop in hormones.  Of course, one could take HRT to solve that problem, but I can’t.

As always, despite drinking gallons of water, they couldn’t get a vein in my arm and had to use my hand.  Such an annoyance.  And one that I will face again next week.  I also had a baseline EKG. The only really bad thing was my blood pressure.  I’d gotten stuck in traffic due to…

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