Get your nose out of my uterus

I always enjoy blogs that use a little sarcasm or snark to get a point across. So I enjoyed this one. I think her point is a good one though. Why do we as a society feel so comfortable asking people about this? We should stop. Because for one – really, it’s none of your business. Two – you’re very possibly treading on thin ice here, potentially putting people in a very awkward position. We seem to assume that people can just make a decision to have a child and then, voila, 9 months later a baby pops out when in actuality, this is not a reality for many people. What do you think about this issue?

Fits of Wit

Everyone keeps asking when I’m going to push munchkins out of my lady parts.

I apologize to the people who may have found the above sentence offensive. Let me rephrase…

Everyone keeps asking when I’m going to push mini Danny Devito’s out of my va-jay-jay.

Everyone keeps asking when I’m going to mix my egg with my husband’s sperm and make a super baby.

Everyone keeps asking when my vagina will be ripped open by a tiny, whiny person.

My point is that folks around me have gotten quite comfortable with bombarding the inevitable question “Are you going to have kids now?” and “What’s next?” My response is usually “When I’m good and ready, fool!” and “Keep being awesome.”

I suppose it’s a fair enough question. We as a society are bred to always be thinking about the future. The stereotypical American dream includes a successful career, single family home…

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