We need to talk about chronic pain more

Endometriosis leads to numerous women opting for a hysterectomy in order to ease their chronic pain. Here’s a blog that addresses issues of endometriosis.


Recently I was sat around a dinner table with some visitors, and someone there was trying to share their experience of living with incurable pain.

This took a lot of bravery to do in such a social setting, and being in pain myself that moment I was listening intently to their story, when someone else quipped that this person was “going on about their pain again” and “no one wanted to hear about it”.

I corrected the person, and explained that I did indeed want to hear, and it was very important to listen to stories of pain, as I lived with chronic pain myself.

Isn’t it interesting that pain forms such a huge part of our lives, but years of societal conditioning has told us that it’s something we have to carry quietly?

I completely disagree.

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