My Hysterectomy Journey

The Truth Between the Lines

 It’s feels like a bad word. “Hysterectomy”. Something you don’t talk about with people. Something you certainly don’t mention in front of men. It’s some sort of private thing. That privacy is perfectly fine if you need it to be, but it causes women like myself to wonder…. what is it like? What will I feel like when it’s over? Will I feel less feminine? Less sexual? Less like the girl I am.

It’s not fair. We should talk about these things. We should share with our daughters and sisters and friends. Even our male friends should understand better what it’s like. It’s ok to be afraid, nervous, or even depressed. We don’t enter into this decision lightly. It’s a last resort. When we just can’t deal with our woman parts anymore.

I am one week before my surgery. I want to share what I am thinking and feeling. Maybe…

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