So I need a hysterectomy!

Here’s someone who has a story (somewhat) similar to mine. I’m looking forward to see how the rest of her experience goes!


Over the past year I have been having really heavy periods, the type that are ruining my life! I can’t make plans because I don’t know if I will be on my period and that means needing a bathroom every 20 minutes. When these heavy periods started I was seeing a naturopath who put me on bio-identical hormones which seemed to help at first but soon I was back to were I started from. I decided to turn to my gynecologist for help sense this is her specialty. She too thought hormones would help but prescribed me a different type. After 3 months on these hormone pills with no change what so ever my Dr. decided inserting an IUD would be the answer. So $500.00 later, which my insurance did reimburse me for thank goodness, I was now sporting a copper IUD that was going to be the answer to my prayers…

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