Fighting Fibroids…

Oh, good old fibroids – the cause of all my problems for a little over 2 years. Yet, I find it very hard to get information about these little guys. This series looks like it should be really helpful in that regard so read on to learn all about fibroids!

In Transition... Life & Lessons...


*blows whistle*…come on… grab your golden gloves… put them on & stand strong… we are in training today to fight these fibroids together! If you don’t have your own pair, you can have mine … see them hanging there?!!! 🙂  I no longer need mine. Remember, in order to fight fibroids you must first understand your opponent. In this fight, knowledge, faith and will-power must be used in the ring with the golden gloves, so read on.

Now, the last session (post) focused on who the opponent was (types), where the opponent comes from (causes) and the trouble the opponent can cause (problems & symptoms). Today’s post would equip you with knowledge on diagnosing the opponent, the treatmentoptions & your vulnerabilityto the opponent; so you’ve got to stay alert during today’s training session! *blows whistle*


Fibroids can be detected using an ultrasound, where sound waves create a two-dimensional picture, while the inside of…

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