By Her Side

You Know What They Say About Worrying? Don't.

June 2009: The most life changing month of my life.  Actually, I’m quite sure that summer 2009, in all of its entirety was.  19 years old, fresh out of my sophomore year of college.  Excited, overjoyed. I was coming home to see my best friends, spend my days working at a summer camp which I absolutely loved, and, most importantly, I was spending the summer with my Mom.  Needless to say, summer 2009 didn’t exactly turn out the way I had planned.

Lightning strikes twice.  Yes.  I am 100 positive of this.  After surviving stage IV colon cancer, doctors found cancerous cells in my mothers’ cervix.  10 years since 1998.  10 years since colon cancer.  My mother was a fighter back then, so many years ago.  Come 2009, she was entering battle number 2.

The difference between witnessing my mother suffer from Colon Cancer and the hysterectomy was vast.  I…

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