“Well, That Sucks”


When I was about 34 years old, and yes, I can still remember back that far, I went to the doctor for a check up. I went to, what I like to call, the Slide Down Doctor. That is a gynecologist. I call her this because she always walks in, says hello, and then says, “Slide down”.

For any men, or women for that matter, who are reading this, I should warn you, I am perfectly comfortable with discussing body parts, male or female, and if you are uncomfortable with this, you should stop reading now.

So, those of you who are left to read the rest of this, here we go. I’m lying there butt-naked under a flimsy little paper piece of shit that is supposed to cover me up but would only do the job if I was the size of a normal five year old. She proceeds…

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