Storm Before The Calm

It is remember to remember the calm when you’re in the middle of the storm!


Have you paid much attention to this fact:  There is a calm BEFORE and a calm AFTER the storm. The decision I’m trying to make regarding this is whether I would prefer the storm first and then the calm or the calm first and then the storm. Hmmmm….. Either way, there may be damage done but when you think about it, you really have two calms’ and just one storm (in the middle somewhere).

I think with this hysterectomy thing, I experienced the calm before and now I’m about to experience the calm afterwards. I’m celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary tomorrow.  Although I haven’t been released by my doctor for my six weeks exam, I feel really good about celebrating this year. All I could do before I had the surgery was think about what it would be like after the surgery.  Now that I’ve had the surgery, all I…

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