I’m a Naughty Little Cheater

I find there are no shortage of horror stories of hysterectomies gone wrong, especially online. However, for me, and many people I have spoken too, this surgery went extremely well for them, with many, including me, feeling so much better after it all. It sounds like the blogger below might also be in that camp, as she says she almost forgot she had the surgery less than 6 weeks after having it. This isn’t to minimize the challenges that some people face of course, but just to remind us that things can and do go well for many hysterectomy patients.

The Eat and Run Mom

I did a potentially bad thing that turned out okay today – I actually ran a little. Just a little. And it didn’t hurt one bit. Well, the ankles got a bit sore but nothing in the abdomen gave me any trouble.

I feel like a bit of a cheater though, because technically I really shouldn’t start running at all until the 6th week is complete, and today is just the beginning of the 6th week so one might say it’s a bit soon. However, I think I am basically healed up. I haven’t even seen so much as a drop of blood in almost 3 weeks, and never anything more than transient pain (gas, I think) for about as long, so I can only think I’m probably close enough to where it’s probably okay.

I started my treadmill workout with 5 minutes of brisk walking, then ran 1 minute…

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2 thoughts on “I’m a Naughty Little Cheater

  1. Sandy says:

    Hi! – thanks for the repost. I agree with you that there are not enough resources for women going through hysterectomy that discuss positive experiences. There are especially not enough resources that show women maintaining and even improving their fitness level post surgery. I was so afraid of surgery and literally put it off for years due to my fear. That wait was a bigger risk to my health than the surgery, given that the thing that I ultimately had the procedure to fix was complex endometrial hyperplasia, which can develop into cancer in some cases.

    Now that I’ve had it done I have no regrets, and I am really glad to be able to add a positive voice to the blogosphere about this procedure. I think it is needed!

    • melbowman says:

      It’s so true. I was fortunate in one respect with having an emergency hysterectomy as I did not have any time to read some stories beforehand – I think the fear would have got the better of me! Now that I have looked more though I am finding more and more positive experiences. Thanks for sharing yours!

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