Local Couple Makes Push To Ban Morcellation

I had not heard about this procedure as an option. Perhaps, it is more common in the States? It sounds like some hospitals are reconsidering offering it though. Read on for more information.

CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – Uterine fibroids are one of the most common health problems women face. The treatment options have usually been considered pretty routine.

Now there are new concerns about a widely used procedure for fibroids known as morcellation. The fear is it can spread cancer.

Amy Reed of Needham is now going through chemotherapy because she has stage 4 leimyosocarcoma. “It was very hard initially,” she said. “The level of anxiety is horrible.”

It is not the outcome she expected to face after going into Brigham and Women’s Hospital last October to have fibroids removed.

Instead of full abdominal surgery, Amy’s doctor used a morcellator, which is a minimally invasive approach. The tumors are shredded into pieces and extracted thru a small tube.

As Amy went into the hospital, she wasn’t worried. “My level of anxiety was relatively low . . . I’ve known people who’ve had fibroids, family…

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