When the News is Not Good

Improvised Life Hope

For the males in my audience, I apologize ahead of time for the frank female discussion that is about to commence.

I’ve never been one to give my body much thought.  I breathe, my heart beats, I have been relatively healthy my whole life.  And then I got a bad pap smear that led to another one that led to two cryosurgical procedures and multiple biopsies that led to a surgical procedure called LEEP and a D&C last week.

I’ve pretty much been recuperating as expected with a little more bleeding than I thought but I’ve been able to do all normal activities except my running routine.  And I really wanted to start running again, so I called the doctor the other day, left a message for the nurse to call me and she never did.  So, I called back yesterday.  They apologized and said they’d call me back again…

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