The Joys of Surgery

Odds 'n Endo

So today’s the big day. The day I’m depending on, maybe a little too much. I’m hoping that the surgery today will take away some or most of the pain I’ve been having. But there’s two ways of looking at it. If the surgery doesn’t help with the pain, or only some of it, maybe endometriosis isn’t the only thing causing pain. Which will be hard since I won’t know what’s causing my pain, but could also be good because perhaps whatever is causing the pain has a simpler solution then endo. So I don’t know what I’m hoping for right now. Endo or no endo? Not sure. Just some answers, I guess.

So although I’m hoping this surgery helps take away my pain as well as shed some light on the whole pain issue, the whole surgery thing is for the birds.

First, there’s the prep beforehand. This time…

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