Dr. Evil

I definitely enjoy blogs that infuse humour into the whole situation because seriously, dealing with some of this stuff just sucks – so yay for humour! Anyways, I am loving the humour of this blogger and hope that you will also!

Ditch the Bun

*Warning: we are still talking about lady parts 🙂

Who would have thought that my girl junk would give me posting fodder? You all seemed to enjoy my post from yesterday so I thought I would share with you what happened last night.

Yesterday the issue raised its Hulk-like head again, queue huge sigh from me because I knew I should probably go to the Docs, but I finished work at 6pm and as much as I know it is a natural part of life I really didn’t want to go and talk about my baby cannon with some random person. So I spent some time talking myself into it and off I went armed only with my somewhat rehearsed speech for the Doc and an ebook recommended to me by a really great blogger (I don’t know if she would be happy to be pinged in a post about…

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100 Posts and a one year anniversary (ish)

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This is post number 100 for me – very exciting!  I have really enjoyed finding some great blogs and resources and being able to share them with you.

A few weeks ago was my one year anniversary of being uterus-free – also very exciting!  Although I could have done without the whole emergency aspect of my situation (see my first post for details!), having a hysterectomy was clearly an extremely positive thing for me.  I know that statement is unfortunately not true for everyone, as some of the blogs I have shared prove.  But for me, life is so much less stressful because of my operation.  The last few months leading up to my operation were likely some of my most stressful ever.  Since my surgery I no longer have to stress about going out in public for fear of ‘accidents’ and I don’t need to remember to take a little pill each day either.  I have a lot more energy (apparently when you lose that much blood week after week, your energy levels drop – who knew?) and I just feel much happier.  I was fortunate in having a smooth surgery, no complications, and a quick recovery (being younger (ish!) and healthy going into the surgery apparently increases the likelihood of all of those things).  If you are having a hysterectomy soon, I wish the same for you!