Surgery day: June 27, 2014

Some great information here about one nurse’s experience with a hysterectomy through the use of the DaVinci robot…an interesting read for sure and you may want to follow all of her entries at her blog.

da Vinci Total Hysterectomy

As I write this, my surgery is over and I’m alive!  It has been FIVE days since my da Vinci laparoscopic assisted total hysterectomy.  Here’s what I had in layman’s terms: I had my uterus taken out — all of it including the cervix.  It was done laparoscopically with the assistance of the da Vinci robot.  My abdomen was insufflated with CO2 (carbon dioxide gas).  I have four small incisions.  My ovaries and fallopian tubes were left in.

I chose to have my cervix taken out because I didn’t want to have any more pap smears to contend with spotting / light periods which some women have when they still have there cervix.  That’s a bit mind-blowing for me — having a partial hysterectomy and still having a period.  Plus there’s a process called morcellation that grinds up the uterus, taking the ground up contents pushing them down through the…

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