That vaginal cuff thing …

I have reblogged from this site before but if you are not following this blogger yet, you are definitely missing out! She is quite hilarious yet still provides really useful information. Don’t believe that’s possible? Then just have a read of this post!

da Vinci Total Hysterectomy

OK, if you’ve been following me on this surgery journey blog then obviously you know I’ve already had a hysterectomy … just to refresh … I had a total hysterectomy — meaning the entire uterus and cervix was removed, and I had it performed via the really cool hip method of da Vinci (robot) assisted laparoscopy. And so you also know the uterus avec* cervix (sounds like a tasty French dish, no?) came out through my vagina.

*  The word ‘avec’ is a preposition. Its meaning is with.

I may have never birthed a baby but I can now say I’ve birthed a uterus. 🙂 I kept my ovaries and fallopian tubes — no family history of cancer and I still wanted the hormone function of my ever-so aging, decrepit ovaries. I have a question pending about keeping my fallopian tubes though …

And another tidbit…

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