What I feared most BEFORE my hysterectomy.

I think she makes a good point here about being careful to avoid the ‘fear arena’ that is online regarding hysterectomies. It is one thing to be informed and prepared. It is a whole other thing to suffer from unnecessary panic due to ‘horror’ stories online. Really, your doctor is likely your best source of accurate information that is specific to you.


One thought on “What I feared most BEFORE my hysterectomy.

  1. Thanks for REblogging my post. ❤

    It IS very easy to get wrapped up in fear about a hysterectomy and there are lots of horrible stories on line. I definitely encourage anyone who's undergoing a hysterectomy to get accurate information, especially from the surgeon who will be performing the surgery … AND not to be HYSTerical about the information. So many women have hysterectomies for different reasons and the woman herself is an individual — every hyst isn't an apple to apple surgery or experience!

    Thanks again for your kind words! 🙂

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