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In order to deal with the crazy heavy bleeding I was having prior to my hysterectomy, one of the options I was considering was an IUD, most likely Mirena. I was kind of intimidated by the process but it did sound like an option I should at least try before the more extreme option of a hysterectomy. Of course, my body had other ideas, and I ended up having an emergency hysterectomy before I could even try an IUD! However, here is one woman’s account of her recent experience with Mirena.

Fat Girl Living

Well hey there. It’s been a minute.

Let’s talk about vaginas! Actually to be more specific we’re going to talk about uteruses (uteri??) because I think it’s really really important to stay informed about women’s sexual health. I don’t know about you but I had piss poor sex ed all through school so I had to take it upon myself to get/stay informed. One of the best ways to do this has been through the internet, and I have to say I’ve made a lot of my reproductive health decisions based on personal reviews of all the options. In fact, I spent hours reading blogs and forum posts about IUDs before I got mine put in so I figured I would add to the pool of (hopefully) useful information about what it’s like to get one shoved into your womb. If you’re anything like me, knowing the step-by-step of the…

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