Decision Making … Hysterectomy

Settle in – this is a long one, but well worth it! Find out more about why women have a hysterectomy (mine was covered in the first 2 as well as the emergency aspect) and what some of the emotional and physical impacts might be.

da Vinci Total Hysterectomy

Of course hysterectomies are chosen and performed for numerous different reasons.

  • Menorrhagia and dysfunctional uterine bleeding — This seems to be one of the most common reasons in my experience as a nurse working in the surgical field.  The continued bleeding often leads to anemia that often leads to indescribable continuous fatigue.  Huge clots can be passed with this bleeding as well.  Post-menopausal bleeding also falls within this category.  The next condition often goes hand-in-hand with heavy vaginal bleeding.
  • Fibroids — These can cause pelvic, abdominal and low back pain.  Uterine fibroids can interfere with the ability to get pregnant, can put pressure on the bladder and sometimes if the fibroids are large enough give a woman an appearance of being pregnant.  This in itself can be bothersome if people are asking if you’re pregnant and your only answer is that you have fibroids.  Uterine and cervical polyps can act…

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