My Open Letter to The World ~ Post Op

Ah, yes, dealing with needing the help of others…that’s a challenge! We always want to put on a brave face and not rely on anyone. Thankfully, I had dear family and friends who insisted on helping and I am so glad they did. I’m fully healed now thanks to their good care. And now, I really miss all of those wonderful meals everyone made for me!

Bittersweet Joy

IMG_2576Dear World,

Exactly one week ago I was sophisticatedely  hacked in to by three surgeons and a robot.  I know, it sounds like the start of a bad joke but it’s not.  It is true to life ~ I could not even joke about my cystoscopy/stint application/hysterectomy/appendectomy procedure if I wanted to.  Before I entered the ice-cold operating room, I was quizzed at least four times as to what procedures I was having done.  By Person #3, I was beginning to wonder if the test was for me or if they really knew what they were going in there to do.  Needless to say, the operation(s) went well.  Almost five hours later, I did not wake up too well to a very sore midsection which looks (to this day) very much like Frankenstein’s forehead.

This is the first day I’ve sat down to write thank you notes to my friends…

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Women Overcome More than Breast Cancer

I’m torn about ‘think pink’ as well. I definitely need to look into it further. I highly recommend watching Pink Ribbons Inc if you’re interested in the idea of ‘pinkwashing’ at all. Here are some great links of other organizations doing good work in women’s reproductive health.


This post has been a long time coming.  I am a bit tired of the pinking which occurs in response to Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Earlier this month, I saw this tweet which really spoke to me.

 In addition to DVAM it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Watch Pink Ribbons Inc & stop buying pink stuff — Lauren Chief Elk (@ChiefElk) October 6, 2013

Not that there aren’t organizations out there which work hard to provide research support for breast cancer as well as those who provide support for women who are undergoing breast cancer treatment and their families.  But, there are so many products out there which appear pink-washed this month that aren’t actually associated with anything except profits.

Because of that, I felt that I should make you aware of some of the reasons why women get hysterectomies and organizations which support them.

endometriosis ribbonteal_ribbon_of_words_zip_hoodie_dark

Endometriosis – this occurs…

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We’re all in this together!

ImageIn order for this blog to be all that it can be, I need your help.  Yes, you!  Have you had a hysterectomy?  Did you choose an alternative to hysterectomy?  What was your experience like?  What did you learn that might help others in their decision making process?  If you are willing to share your stories with me, I would love to publish them on the blog.  You only need to share what you’re comfortable with of course.  Please contact me if you’d be willing to share your story with this community.  Thanks!