My Open Letter to The World ~ Post Op

Ah, yes, dealing with needing the help of others…that’s a challenge! We always want to put on a brave face and not rely on anyone. Thankfully, I had dear family and friends who insisted on helping and I am so glad they did. I’m fully healed now thanks to their good care. And now, I really miss all of those wonderful meals everyone made for me!

Bittersweet Joy

IMG_2576Dear World,

Exactly one week ago I was sophisticatedely  hacked in to by three surgeons and a robot.  I know, it sounds like the start of a bad joke but it’s not.  It is true to life ~ I could not even joke about my cystoscopy/stint application/hysterectomy/appendectomy procedure if I wanted to.  Before I entered the ice-cold operating room, I was quizzed at least four times as to what procedures I was having done.  By Person #3, I was beginning to wonder if the test was for me or if they really knew what they were going in there to do.  Needless to say, the operation(s) went well.  Almost five hours later, I did not wake up too well to a very sore midsection which looks (to this day) very much like Frankenstein’s forehead.

This is the first day I’ve sat down to write thank you notes to my friends…

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This is a word I was not even familiar with until about two years ago.  Menorrhagia is heavy bleeding during your period and as I found out over the last couple of years, it can be extremely bothersome!  As I have mentioned before though, I feel like women’s health issues are not discussed widely enough (for example, my spell checker doesn’t even recognize the word!) and therefore a lot of women are left wondering what exactly ‘heavy bleeding’ is.  This site from the NHS is quite helpful.  There is even a little self-assessment test that you can complete that may assist you in understanding what constitutes a ‘heavy period’.  It even creates a list of symptoms that you can take with you to your doctor!

Here’s a blurb copied from the site:  Heavy periods, also called menorrhagia, is when a woman loses an excessive amount of blood during consecutive periods.  Menorrhagia can occur by itself or in combination with other symptoms, such as menstrual pain (dysmenorrhoea).  Heavy bleeding does not necessarily mean there is anything seriously wrong, but it can affect a woman physically, emotionally and socially, and can cause disruption to everyday life.  See your GP if you are worried about heavy bleeding during or between your periods.

I recommend that you check out the site for even more great information!

Let’s Talk About Women’s Health

ImageI have mentioned in a previous post that I think we tend to shy away from discussions about women’s health in general, and women’s reproductive health issues specifically.  I don’t understand why this is but I find it incredibly frustrating, especially so, when it puts women at increased risk for disease and death.  Take a look at this link to understand one such health issue that is affecting millions of women worldwide, an issue that you may not even have heard of…until now.


What’s Happening Now?

ImageThat is what my body is asking me right now, especially my legs.  I went out for my first post-operative “run” this week.  I say “run” because normally these endeavours seem more like really fast and awkward walking.  And given that this was the first run I had been on in many weeks, that akwardness was even more obvious.  However, it still felt great to be out there, using my legs like that again.

This last week has been quite interesting for me.  I had been waiting to get the ‘all clear’ from my doctor last week.  Being the good patient that I am, I really followed most of the rules from my surgeon about taking it easy for 6 weeks; no running, no swimming, no biking.  Okay, that last rule may have been broken a couple of times but I biked really slow 🙂  I was feeling quite confident that everything was healing well but still wanted to hear it from my doctor.

Sure enough, my surgeon checked things out and said I could resume all regular activities – yay!  So I went from not lifting things, carrying things, and generally just being a big ol’ sac of potatoes, to being able to do all sorts of things.  I probably could have started most of these activities earlier, but I really did not want to hurt anything by accident.  Besides, how often can I justifiably get out of housecleaning, chores, and all of those nasty to-do lists?

Anyways, I headed out on my run and thought I should keep it extra short, given it was my first one back.  However, once I got going, it was wonderful.  I ended up going about double the distance I had planned (which still is not that far!).  I was feeling pretty good about myself once I returned home.  Waking up the next morning though, I was quickly reminded of how long it has been since I had expected my body to do so much!  Every step I take reminds me of it now though!  Although I am happy to report that it is only my leg and hip muscles that are bothering me and nothing surgery-related.  I’m even starting to look forward to another run soon.